Helen Burns is a thoughtful, meditative writer, whose work never rushes to conclusion but slowly unfolds into moments of exquisite discovery.

Jane Camens, Founder, Asia Pacific Writers & Translators


I began my writing life penning short poems of self-reflection and inquiry. Then I discovered the magic of haibun – Basho’s melding of haiku and prose. Words started moving to the perimeters of the page. I looked outside my own window of experience, and the horizon winked. It was time to dust off my backpack and cross a few oceans – encounter life mirrored in the eyes of other cultures, step into traditions still blessedly alive despite the crazy rushing of time.

Delving into the lost worlds of two continents and my own sense of place in these unfolding histories. One book at a time. A memoir, a debut novel and my interpretive translations of ancient Tamil verse.


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